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  • Senior Data Scientist - at Spreemo Health. Work with a growing multidisciplinary team of talented Data Scientists, Statisticians, Healthcare Economists/Epidemiologists, and Big Data Technology Experts to create new and improved methods for assessing and predicting....
  • Data Scientist - at University of Iowa Foundation. Uses predictive models, data mining, and other advanced techniques to support business strategy and address business opportunities...
  • Data Science Course Mentor - at Springboard. Part-Time / Flexible / Remote. If you are as passionate about mentoring as you are about Data Science, and can give a few hours per week in return for an honorarium, we would love to hear from you...
  • Data Scientist - at Staples. Using machine learning, statistical analysis, and mathematical optimization, this individual will play a key role in supporting the development of state-of-the-art solutions to complex decision-making problems...
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