Issue 33

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How Data is Saving Lives in Nepal

This was, unfortunately, a BIG week for Nepal. Recovery efforts are continuing in the aftermath of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake on April 25th and may go on for months. At least initially after a big disaster like this, one of the most important resources for saving lives and planning recovery efforts is data. Data needs to be acquired, analyzed, and then disseminated to rescuers and planners. Here are two great articles that describe some of the most important data-related activities this week:

  • How The Candy Crush Of Data Is Saving Lives In Nepal - Great overview of a new platform called the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX), including its history, how its used, and remaining hurdles.

  • How Nepal's Earthquake Was Mapped In 48 Hours - One of the most important challenges facing rescuers is knowing which roads are still open. This article from Wired describes how detailed, post-earthquake maps were created by combining data from satellites, social media, and news outlets. Surprisingly, there's not much automation.

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