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Issue 27

— Notes —

I've gotten several notes recently from people who would like their data-related events, projects, conferences, and books featured in Data Elixir and I'm considering how best to accommodate those. If you have something worthwhile to announce via Data Elixir, send me a note. If there's enough interest, I may add a separate page for free announcements. In the meantime, I'm open to having a single sponsor per issue as long as it's a sponsor that has something to offer the community.

And with that, welcome to Issue 27 of Data Elixir!

— In the News —

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— Resources —

— Inspiration —

— About —

Data Elixir is curated and maintained by @lonriesberg. If you find this newsletter worthwhile, please help spread the word! Forward to your colleagues or Click here to Tweet. Thanks.

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