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I've been talking with a lot of Data Elixir readers lately and I keep hearing about disconnects between stakeholders and the technical people doing the work. Some of it is from the trenches: "Managers don't really know what we do." "Their expectations are shaped by CSI." "They require a lot of hand-holding." "I need to spoon-feed the higher ups." Etc, etc.

The disconnect goes the other way too. A CEO told me recently that sometimes he fears he's wearing rose-colored glasses and he's not always sure he's getting the information he needs to make the best decisions.

If you can relate to these kinds of issues, I'd be super interested to talk with you. I just have a couple questions and will keep conversations under 20 minutes.

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🙏 Thanks!

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Agile Analytics

For a lot of reasons, Agile development has become standard practice for software engineering teams. In this three-part series, Michael Kaminsky explores how Agile techniques can also be applied to analytics and why you'll want to.

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